The Classic Motoring Review is no more.

With great regret, I must announce the closure of what was acknowledged by many as Britain’s most distinctive periodical for classic car enthusiasts – unfortunately however, there just weren’t enough of them!

Subscription renewals following the first year of publications fell far short of expectations and not enough new subscribers came along to replace those that decided the magazine was no longer for them, so the project would almost certainly and quickly become unviable.

TCMR’s quirky editorial mix of archive material from our glorious motoring past, and finely wrought prose from some of the greatest names currently in the field was, alas, not to all tastes and reaching new readers who would appreciate it proved difficult and too costly for our modest little operation.

So issue #5 was our swansong, but although we will no longer be accepting subscription orders – and making refunds as appropriate – we will be selling the current, back issues and storage slip cases for the next few months.

In the meantime if you are or were a subscriber, we hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did, and hope you somehow manage to carry on ‘Reading The Road’ elsewhere.

All the best – Mark Williams: Editor/Publisher


You can get a flavour of CMR by clicking here.



Published in early October, it includes a blistering attack on political meddling in motoring affairs written by the legendary L.J.K. Setright in 1985 – but still true today?, Colin Goodwin’s wryly instructive experience in a fearsome jet-car, Ring of Bright Water author Gavin Maxwell’s racing obsessions , Lamborghini’s Diablo crash-tested by a young journalist – but not in a good way, the surprising history of steam cars, a pre-production Range Rover driven deep into the Moroccan desert, running a mid-engined Maserati as a daily driver, Mel Nichol’s re-acquaintance with a very special MGA and fond but not uncritical memories of Triumph Stags, DAF 44s, Alfasuds, Citroen GS’s and as ever, so much more. PLUS A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT OFFER



Published in early July, it includes a first-hand account of the notorious 1975 Spanish Grand Prix drivers’ strike and its tragic ending, Gavin Green’s love-letter to Citroen’s ground-breaking Traction Avant, Douglas Blain’s wittily incisive run-off between Pontiac and Ferrari GTOs, an epic journey across the Andes in an Austin Chummy, Colin Goodwin’s droll account of American Muscle Cars in late-1970s Woking, a thought-provoking reflection on industry legends Colin Chapman and Edward Turner, eminent old rogue George Bishop‘s fond memories of five decades of French motoring, eating and drinking, Rod Ker on Reliant’s underrated Scimitar, a trans-European odyssey in an ancient Lagonda and so much more…


Published in early April, contents includes legendary gentleman racer and journalist, Denis Jenkinson’s remarkably prophetic 1964 essay on the future of motoring and car design, John Simister’s meetings with three of Italy’s design legends, a fascinating account of Donald Campbell’s first foray into land-speed record breaking, Douglas Blain reporting on the 1972 Targa Florio, Mathew Vale’s controversial critique of BMC’s longstroke engines, Richard Bremner on the car industry’s obsession with ‘retromobiles’, Richard Williams recalling eccentric jazzman and racing driver Buddy Featherstonhough, Colin Goodwin’s wry memories of working on a Ferrari production line, Mark Williams writing about Road Movies, Neil Lyndon waxing lyrical on Volvo’s P1800 and so much more.


Published early January, the contents include an account of driving a Daimler 30-40 from London to Spain – in 1906!, the fascinating if chequered history of glassfibre cars, Nuvolari’s most extraordinary grand prix races, one woman’s 35 year love affair with her Morris Traveler, Douglas Blain’s affectionate obituary for the Lamborghini Miura, John Simister in praise of the much-underrated Hillman Imp, the legendary engineer-racer Bill Milliken and his assault on Pikes Peak in a Bugatti, Steve Cropley on the last gasp of Citroen’s 2CV and three owners love affair with la petite escargot, Richard Bremner on the Argyll – a lesser known Scottish supercar, Colin Goodwin’s attempt to cross the Channel in an aquatic Ford Fiesta and so much more…


Published early October, contents include a rare, highly revealing interview with the late and usually taciturn Enzo Ferrari, Richard Williams’ account of re-tracing the tyre-tracks of the epic 1956 Mille Miglia, Joe Moran’s story of how Britain got its roads, Steve Cropley’s account of delivering the first Lamborghini Jalpa from Modena to Britain in 1983, Douglas Blain’s memories of the late, great automotive designer Tom Tjaarda, Miranda Seymour on Hélène Delangle, the ‘Bugatti Queen’,  L.J.K. Setright ruminating on the industry’s scapegoats and idols, Gavin Green’s account of crossing Australia in a Mini, Peter Wright’s fascinating memories of working at BRM and Lotus, Richard Hough recalling Fangio’s greatest drive of his life at the Nürburgring and much, much more…



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