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The Autumn issue of Classic Motoring Review will be through subscriber’s letterboxes later this week and it’s actually our biggest one yet – 40,000 words 14 full-length, long-form features.

But ignoring the gratuitous alliteration for a moment, the Autumn issue really covers a wide range of classic motoring topics by some of our greatest writers.

We kick off with a blistering attack on political meddling in motoring affairs by the legendary L.J.K. Setright written in 1985 – but arguably still true today. Then there’s Colin Goodwin’s wryly instructive experience behind the wheel of the fearsome jet-car that nearly did for Top Gear’s Richard Hammond and an equally surprising account of Ring of Bright Water author Gavin Maxwell’s madcap racing car obsessions. 

And talking of mad, Autosport magazine’s ex-European editor Peter Robinson ruefully recalls being the first (and only) journalist to crash a Lamborghini Diablo, and there couldn’t be a greater contrast between that and a thought-provoking history of steam cars. Or for that matter legendary Car founding editor Douglas Blain piloting a pre-production Range Rover driven deep into the Moroccan desert with the equally fabled journo, Ronald ‘Steady’ Barker. Some what more recently TCMR editor Mark Williams tells his tale of running a mid-engined Maserati supercar as a daily driver, Mel Nichol’s reports on a re-acquaintance with a very special MGA and there are fond but not uncritical memories of by Triumph Stags, DAF 44s, Alfasuds, Citroen GS’s by journalist ex-owners Matthew Vale, Hugh Hunston, ex-Car editor Gavin Green and Rod Ker respectively.

And of course and as ever, there’s so much more besides in this bumper Autumn issue – including an offer to send your best classic-owning friends or beloved family members a festive greetings card if you order them the ideal Christmas gift – an annual subscription to Britain’s most distinctive classic car periodical, The Classic Motoring Review!

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